Carmen mobile

CARMEN Mobile is the second version of Carmen operating in the mobile telephony environment. It is a modular system that supports selected options of Carmen operating in a desktop or WWW environment.

Carmen Mobile is dedicated for companies that value interactive contact of vehicle users with the fleet division. The application offers functionalities for fleet administrators and users of vehicles in line with their authorisations: vehicle hand-over (with the signature of the administrator and the person collecting/returning a vehicle, report generation, photographs), visual check of the vehicle (with photographs), adding certificates or providing the vehicle user with information about the current state of the car they are using (e.g. validity of insurance, technical inspection, etc.).

When creating Carmen Mobile, we paid attention to such elements of its functionality as user-friendliness. The user receives an intuitive application, which in a clear and easy way allows them to obtain information or enter data.

The application works on mobile phones with Android 4.1 or newer.

Depending on the base system, its options and needs, Carmen Mobile contains appropriate modules represented by tiles on the phone screen (example below), accessible as permitted by authorisation.

Administrator Module

This module is designed for the fleet administrator. Available options include the hand-over of a vehicle and its visual check.

During the hand-over of a vehicle, signatures can be placed on the smartphone screen (example above) both by the employee collecting the vehicle and the fleet administrator. During the hand-over operation, photographs can also be attached. After the acceptance, the vehicle immediately changes its status in the database, and the signed vehicle hand-over report constitutes an attachment of the completed operation.

Certificates and Vehicle Information Module

The module is dedicated for vehicle users and fleet administrators. It allows for the adding of certificates, e.g. of a technical check or technical inspection of the vehicle. Depending on the assigned authorisations, a certificate can be added to any vehicle (fleet administrator) or only to the vehicle being used (user).

The vehicle information option provides information about the vehicle: the validity of insurance policies, technical inspections, etc.

Equipment Inventory Module

This module is an executive tool in the desktop version of the equipment inventory module. It uses the smartphone camera instead of the code scanner for identification. Stickers with registration numbers can be printed in the desktop version. Equipment is identified by the registration printed in the form of a code on a sticker or by the serial number of the mobile phone, also available in the form of a code in the mobile phone.


The rights of CARMEN Mobile users are managed by the administrator of the desktop system.