We are the creators of the CARMEN system. It is specialised software that supports the management, control and financial analysis of companies in the scope of managing: vehicles, telephones (numbers and devices), equipment of employees and offices, trainings for employees and booking vehicles. The system operates in a Polish and English version.

We also offer industrial solutions integrated with main IT systems of companies for the servicing of large car parks that include: the ordering of transport services, operational management of vehicles and drivers and the operation of workshops in continuous shifts (control rooms).

We have been present on the Polish market since the mid-1990s. Today, our systems are so much more than vehicle management: they are modular solutions supporting the management of selected company sectors.

We work for Polish and foreign major corporations operating in Poland. Our systems are used by companies and holdings using tens to thousands of vehicles, thousands of phones, tens of buildings and hundreds of offices.

The idea developed many years ago, being the basis of the works on Carmen, was to create a system allowing for the management of enterprises. A system integrated with IT (financial, HR, etc.) systems functioning in those corporations in the operational and analytical scope, unavailable in those systems.

We continuously develop our systems, we upgrade their capabilities and deliver the best and the most up-to-date solutions.

We have been awarded the title of Fleet Leader of Innovation for solutions applied in CARMEN.