We are the creators of the CARMEN system. It is specialised software that supports the management, control and financial analysis of companies in the scope of managing: vehicles, telephones (numbers and devices), equipment of employees and offices, trainings for employees and booking vehicles. The system operates in a Polish and English version.

Our systems are used by companies and holdings using tens to thousands of vehicles, thousands of phones.

We continuously develop our systems, we upgrade their capabilities and deliver the best and the most up-to-date solutions.

Carmen systems

We offer systems for: supporting the management of a vehicle fleetcontrol of mobile and fixed line telephony and equipment, as well as a system supporting office management. They are supplemented with: a WWW application and a mobile application, which facilitate access to data not only to managers of company structures, but also to users of vehicles and phones.

We also create dedicated systems which are complex solutions orientated at managing machinery and vehicle parks and at integration with other systems operating in a company (particularly, with the financial, HR and storage system).

Our systems can be freely combined with each other (or only their selected modules). This eliminates the necessity to purchase additional licenses, arranging for a separate server and administration, which translates into much lower costs of use while maintaining full functionality.

The CARMEN system is a complex, multi-module tool for the management and control of a fleet of own vehicles (including leased or rented vehicles). It keeps a register of the fleet and supervises operating costs; it imports cost invoices, e.g. for petrol, service, leasing, policies. It allows for conducting analyses, reports and summaries on many levels. Read more.

Phoneman is a modular system constituting a comprehensive tool for the management of mobile and fixed line telephony and equipment (devices, modems, etc.). It keeps a register of numbers and devices, and supervises costs; it imports resources (numbers, devices) and billing invoices. It allows for conducting analyses, reports and summaries. Read more.

CARMEN WWW, is a modular system supporting all versions of Carmen operating in the desktop environment. It is dedicated for companies that wish to make the operating data of vehicles or telephones available to employees or their managers; service application processes connected with vehicles, telephones and the office; book available vehicles; enter invoices through WWW before their entry in the financial system; run the cost acceptance process, etc. Read more.

CARMEN Mobile is a part of  Carmen operating in the mobile telephony environment. It is a modular system that supports selected options of Carmen operating in a desktop or WWW environment.
The application offers functionalities for fleet administrators and users of vehicles in line with their authorisations: vehicle hand-over, visual check of the vehicle, adding certificates or providing the vehicle user with information about the current state of the car they are using (e.g. validity of insurance, technical inspection, etc.). Read more.

Carmen OFFICE can be an independent application; however, it is treated by its creators as a set of modules that expand the capabilities of the Carmen or Phoneman system with functionalities connected with the management of buildings, offices and their equipment. It allows for both the operational management of buildings, offices and office equipment as well as the registering of invoices connected with the operation of offices and their entering in the financial system. Read more.

Carmen Multi Country is a version of Carmen adjusted to the management of vehicle fleets in many countries. The system works in a Polish and English version. It means that the operator of Carmen can select the display language of the menu elements, descriptions in windows and glossary elements (e.g. colours of vehicle body, position names, etc.). Authorised operators are responsible for the synchronisation of glossaries. Read more.

The Trainings Application is an on-line platform for the management of trainings conducted by a company. It is an independent application and can be installed without integration with the Carmen or Phoneman systems. It can be supplied with employee data from Carmen or from an external system, e.g. the HR system Read more.